Time Moves On

It has been nearly a month since I last wrote this blog and I can’t believe how time moves on.  It has not only been time that has moved on since my last post. My shoulder has made some good progression. Even my physio has noticed this – when I last went to her she said ‘ I am pleased with that forward movement – you can get over 100 degrees now!’

I can reach to the second shelf in the kitchen and have enough strength to get a plate down. I can touch the top of my head ( just) and I can get my hair into a scruffy low ponytail.

At my six month check up I had the usual x rays; ‘Blimey, that’s a lot of metal work’, said the technician. The Lovely Mr F. checked the x rays and said that there were some lines on the bone still where it was healing but he was really pleased with the position and healing. ‘ It looks like a shoulder on the x ray now’. He then checked the movement, and said that the range of movement that I have got is disappointing. However, when he tested the strength he said it was not too bad – the swimming is paying off!

Mr F told me to go away for six months ( six whole months!!!) when he would review me. He also said that he would not operate again this year as he felt that I had been through enough for one year. I was really relieved. Finally he said ‘ Don’t be scared of it – use it. You strike me as a ‘go and get ’em’ type of girl. Go and use your arm as much as you can’.

The best thing about the whole consultation was being called a girl 🙂

The lovely outdoor pool that I was swimming in has closed now, so I have joined a pool which although it is smaller is lovely and I am still swimming most days. I have set myself a challenge to swim across the channel in the shortest time possible so I am mostly swimming 900m – 1k per day and I try to swim a mile one day at the weekend.

I don’t swim on Mondays and that’s because ( drum roll) I have been riding my horse again! Getting on the horse felt like a massive milestone. I only went in the school, and in fact that is all I have done so far. The first time I rode my shoulder ached like mad, my legs were weak and there was little strength in my arm but when I got off I had the biggest smile inside and on my face 🙂

So, Time Moves On. Because it has to.

And sooner or later – so do you.