What shall I have for my Tattoo?

This is a little walk through how my arm has looked for the last year or so at various stages.

Last year, one person said to me ‘ You won’t be wearing a bikini again in a hurry’. I was a bit taken aback as I hadn’t really been too bothered about the scar but it did get me thinking.

Anyway, I have for some time been saying I will get a tattoo when all the surgery is over.

After the 2nd Op the lovely Mr F told me that he had debrided some of the scar tissue as it had stretched a bit and he was hoping that would make it a bit better looking.

‘That’s OK’, I said, ‘I am not too worried about the scar. I think I am going to get a Tattoo on it. ‘

‘What are you going to have’, he replied. ‘ MJF was here?!’

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Actually, I think I am going to have a pair of skis…..


*This post is especially for my most avid reader who asked me when my next blog was going to be – you know who you are!!

Mediocre mobility, Manipulation and Milestones

Two months since I had the metal removed  and despite my initial hope I have really not had the results that I had hoped for in mobility terms at least. The biggest difference has been the reduction in pain, which has been dramatic. This is actually quite surprising as I hadn’t realised that I was in any pain but now it’s gone I realise I don’t have it any more. It’s like that song ‘ You never know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone..’ ..sort of.

My shoulder feels stiff and achy, like I slept on it funny but it feels a lot better than it did.

When I was under the anaesthetic my shoulder was manipulated; ‘We’ll give it a bit of a push’, the lovely Mr F told me. The plan was to stretch it to get some extra movement and then keep that going with the physio afterwards. I was authorised to have 4 sessions of physio and at the first one we agreed that whilst I didn’t have much more movement the joint is looser in the shoulder. Three sessions on and we have been really pushing my shoulder to try and manipulate some mobility into it.

Last week, whilst I was waiting for my physio appointment, the lovely Mr F. stopped by to ask how I was getting on. I gave him a quick demonstration; he didn’t look too impressed. ‘We are x raying you again, aren’t we?’, he said. Yes, we are, at the beginning of July. I think when I go for that X ray it will be my 35th trip to the hospital. ‘Good’, he said.

Now, you may remember that before the operation the lovely Mr F had told me that he was hoping I would get a sea change following the operation, and that hasn’t been the case. I have noticed some small differences; I went to the car park in a low car and whilst it was tough I got the ticket out the machine through the car door window. I can get into jackets slightly easier. So when I went in to see the physio I asked her about it, and what the next likely steps in July would be.

She told me that she felt I had been very unlucky with the stiffness following the operation, especially since I have been doing all the right things. I think I have done all the right things, I am swimming every morning at 6am in the outdoor pool, I was the first person in it this year and I do 1k each morning. I stretch and use my arm. I watch my nutrition and exercise. My physio said that most likely they would try manipulation under anaesthetic again and then ‘cut the front structure’ through keyhole surgery.

Given how easy the last op was I reckon I can do keyhole surgery in a lunch hour.

There has, however, been one major milestone.

After the accident I was unable to ride for 6 months. Once I was allowed back on the horse again I was terrified of falling off and inuring my shoulder so I have only been riding in the school. Whilst it has been great to be riding it really is not as much fun as hacking out with others, having a chat and some fun on the way. So for the last six months I have headed into the school and watched others go out, and I have missed out on some beautiful morning rides. It became a bit of a mental block, so I have been having some lessons to try to get my confidence back.

Yesterday, I went up to ride and I decided to go out with two others who were going for a hack. I don’t know why I suddenly decided I would be OK – maybe the lessons have helped, maybe as I have less pain I am less protective over my shoulder. Either way, psychologically it was a big barrier to cross.

It wasn’t a lovely morning, it was a bit grey and miserable but we were out for an hour and a half and for me it was the best morning so far this year.