What shall I have for my Tattoo?

This is a little walk through how my arm has looked for the last year or so at various stages.

Last year, one person said to me ‘ You won’t be wearing a bikini again in a hurry’. I was a bit taken aback as I hadn’t really been too bothered about the scar but it did get me thinking.

Anyway, I have for some time been saying I will get a tattoo when all the surgery is over.

After the 2nd Op the lovely Mr F told me that he had debrided some of the scar tissue as it had stretched a bit and he was hoping that would make it a bit better looking.

‘That’s OK’, I said, ‘I am not too worried about the scar. I think I am going to get a Tattoo on it. ‘

‘What are you going to have’, he replied. ‘ MJF was here?!’

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Actually, I think I am going to have a pair of skis…..


*This post is especially for my most avid reader who asked me when my next blog was going to be – you know who you are!!


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