People are so kind – and a visit from Mum.

I am completely overwhelmed by how kind people have been. I have had 16 bouquets of flowers so the house looks like a florists. I have been sent books, DVDs, magazines, toiletries and chocolates. One of the Mum’s from the stables who herself has had a fractured scapula brought round a lasagne for the night I got home from the hospital. Max was absolutely thrilled – especially as another lady from the stables had brought round deserts to go with it!


George had to go abroad on business so my Mum, who hates driving, bravely drove the 160 miles down here to help out. She has been cooking and washing like a mad thing and has even made chocolate muffins with Guiness for extra iron! Apparently they will help the healing. Not sure if that is true or not but they certainly taste good. The kids are delighted that my Mum is here – for them it is time off cooking and she always spoils them.


Despite all this kindness and help I am just miserable. The lack of sleep and pain is wearing and it is really hard to be positive when you have only one arm that is any use and no idea how much movement you will get back in your right arm.

Mum left after two nights and when she had gone I went to bed and cried. This is so not me. I read something written by an Australian lady who had a similar operation saying her ‘soul literally broke’. I know how she feels and if you have had the same I expect you do to.

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