6 week check up and learning to drive

The big day finally arrived where I get to find out whether the bone is healing or not. I went and had the x rays and saw Mr F – and I couldn’t believe it. In his words ‘ I am delighted with what has happened so far, but it is still early days’. The best news I could hope for. In addition I can get rid of the sling and start using my arm, and after two long months I can drive 🙂

I also had physio and the pain today is bad bad bad but it is OK because I can start moving my arm!! Yeah!!  I can’t reach to put a cup or glass away in the cupboard but I can touch my nose which is progress! I still can’t put on make up or do my hair but I can do up shoelaces.  I believe the next few weeks I will get some good progress but then I have a plateau where the progess will be very very slow for the next year. Right now, I think that is OK but no doubt when I get there it will be very frustrating!!

My brother has been one of the most supportive people through this – I think it is because he has been through so many surgeries himself that he knows what it is like. He says that full range of movement is ‘overrated’ and that as long as you have good movement you can do most things and you learn to adjust for everything else. When I had the meltdown over having the metal removed he reassured me that the operation to have the metal out is much less radical than the one where they put the metal in. He also told me to celebrate the small successes.

As a little celebration I poured myself a glass of wine for the first time since the accident and drank it with my right arm. Painful, but worth it.

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