I’m ready to go back to work – aren’t I?

So last week I phoned my boss and said I was ready to return to work this week, but could I work this week from home and come into the office next week. This innocent phone call resulted in a trip to Occupational Health today. I got myself in a bit of a muddle at the barrier – I tried to swipe my card to get into the car park but couldn’t reach, so I jumped out of the car to swipe my card but by the time I had jumped back in the barrier had started coming down again! Anyway, I did eventually get in.

The lady from OH was lovely and I told her my situation and symptoms. The upshot? I can’t work more than 10 am – 3pm and only two days next week, then three days for a few weeks etc until I see her at the end of July. Oh, and no travel for 8 weeks and then an assessment of locations after that. I was curious “Why do you  need to assess the locations?” I asked. She looked at me like I was a bit dim and replied ” To check there are lifts in the hotels.”

I looked at her like she was a bit dim. ” It’s my shoulder, not my legs.”

” I know, but you can’t carry bags upstairs.”

15 love to Occupational Health.

I was completely overwhelmed by the response I had walking through the office. It took me 2 hours to get from the appointment back to my car as everyone was so pleased to see me and wanting to know how I was. The best bit was that everyone I met did a funny little dance when the saw me – they went to go and give me a big hug but then realised that they might hurt me so stepped back. It was a little bit like Michael Flatley does Gangnam Style.

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