The trouble with insurance.

Last March, when we went on holiday, George started looking at holiday insurance. Now, George and I have very different approaches to this sort of thing. I would just buy bog standard cover, cheap and cheerful, hopefully you will never have to use it. George, meanwhile, likes to research and get a good value but solid travel insurance because who knows. Consequently, George spent a little bit more and got a ‘Gold’ standard travel insurance.

Before we go on holiday George always insists on printing off itineraries, tickets, policies, etc and putting in folders. I confess, I have been merciless in teasing him over  this level of fastiduosness.

When the accident happened we made it back to the apartment. I remember vividly trying to take off my jacket only to discover that my arm was so swollen that it was virtually impossible. I was desperate to get to a doctor to put me out of the pain of what I thought was a dislocated shoulder. George insisted that I wait while he located the insurance documents to take with us. I was so  irritated.

When we got to the doctor and had the x – rays, transfer to hospital,  and so on, George was insistent that we call the insurance company every step of the way.

The trouble started when I was in hospital in Moutiers. The insurance company refused to let me go home without medical supervision which they said would take five days. I actually took to tweeting them in the hope of getting some action ‘ @XXX healthcare – why are you keeping me from the treatment that I need? not goldstar service’.

Eventually I discharged myself and flew home on Easy jet. George, albeit under extreme duress, got agreement that the insurance company would pay for this flight although not be liable for my safety.

After the operation, when I was housebound I started filling in the insurance form. I claimed for accommodation, ski hire, lift pass unused because of the accident, all the medical care that I had received and travel home. I won’t go into the detail here but it took 7 months to settle the claim during which time I was repeatedly asked for information that I had already sent. To give you a flavour of the whole saga here is an extract from an e mail to them.

Please do feel free to ask for any information again – I am getting quite used to repeatedly sending the same information to you on numerous occasions. I was also asked three times for the name and address of the party that hit me – which again I supplied three times. This is the second time that I have sent the information that you have asked for above but hey ho – it’s only been six months since I started the claim with you 🙂

Finally, just before Christmas I had a letter of apology, the settlement and £50 to compensate me for my poor service. I was very pleased that George had been so fussy, without it I would not have had a leg to stand on.

Just when you think it is all over, this week I have had two separate letters from them. The first is to inform me, via a solicitor, that they intend to reclaim all their costs through my personal injury claim.

The second, somewhat staggeringly was to ask for my NI number. I supplied it to them. For the third time.


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