So what exactly have I done, Doc?

Finally I have seen two orthopaedic surgeons in the UK. Two, because they thought it was best to discuss the options for surgery. It transpires that I have a four part fracture of the head of humerus and the reason that they were so worried to operate in France is that the head is displaced meaning that there is concern about the blood supply to the head. Unfortunately, until they operate, it won’t be apparent how good the blood supply is to the head and whether it can be saved or not. My Surgeon ( the lovely Mr F) took the time to draw out a picture for me describing exactly what I have done and what to expect during and after the operation. I have signed a consent form for malunion, non – union, infection and most worryingly AVC – Avascular Necrosis. Mr F. promises me that there will be bad language during the operation and has put me on at the end of the list as it is unknown how long the op will take. This is a great website which gives some basic info on this type of injury. IMG_0340 2 And here is the MRI scan – you can see just how smashed and displaced the head of the humerus is. I can’t have the operation until next Wednesday which gives me time to adjust to life with one arm and recover from the initial trauma. Mr F says it is a high impact injury and basically I was ‘ assaulted ‘ on the slopes. It is certainly how I feel.

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