Life with one arm.

I feel incredibly lucky that hopefully this is only temporary. My left arm is getting stronger and I am making myself write every day with it to try and get better. I figure if five year olds can learn to write neatly I certainly can. It is paying off as my writing is at last legible – in fact my daughter, Lucy, tells me that it is better than before!

I feel quite incapacitated and cack handed at everything. Having been so independent I hate having to ask for help. I watch as the children and George cook and wash up and it drives me mad not being able to help.

Naturally I can’t drive and have been told that I can’t drive for two to three months. I have worked out how to shower and get dressed but can only wear shirts that button up at the front which go over the sling.

You tube is amazing – there are some fantastic clips on there, mostly from people who have had a stroke on how to live with one arm. Everything from hanging out washing ( which I can now do, using my teeth on the pegs) to tying hair up ( which I find impossible).

Sleeping is virtually impossible but I love it when I do sleep as I am in no pain! Consequently I cat nap all day and night. I am losing weight – every cloud has a sliver lining!!

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