Clips out – and lessons in humility.

Hooray! Clips out today. Piece of cake, doesn’t hurt at all and feels like a milestone. George had to come home from work early to take me to the doctors as I didn’t feel like I could walk the two miles there and back.


This brings me to the lessons in humility. Learn to accept help. Of course you can butter toast with one hand, but cutting meat is more tricky – ask for help or accept it if offered.

I am trying not to snap at my family if they offer help too early, or don’t offer help in time. I know they are not mind readers even though I wish they were.

I accept every single offer of a trip out, or lunch and ask to tag on a lift to the GP, local store or  Post Office. I would never normally want to put anyone to any trouble but without asking for help I would not get by. People seem genuinely delighted to be able to do something to help so I have learnt to accept all help offered and given.

I have to rely on my children to do my hair for me, I can shower without getting my shoulder wet and I am getting through wet wipes at a rate of knots as it is the only way of keeping my armpit fresh. My tip for showering is when you take the sling off have a pair of tights knotted together that you can use as a makeshift sling in the shower. If like me you are terrified of falling over as you walk the house in pain at night get some night lights and plug them into sockets over the house. Invest in clothes that you can get on and off easily, and put your bad arm into the tops first, then lifting over your head so finally you can wiggle your good arm in. Ask someone to wash your hair for you – it makes you feel so much better. I am slowly accepting that I just can’t do what I used to do – and it could be a while before I can again.

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